WQJ-400 Light Duty Profile Bending (Manual)


  1. The machine is composed by machine body, side roller, support roller, the transmission part,

    the electrical part and hydraulic parts and mold etc...

  2. The machine is curved three-roller bending machine and has the pre-bending function.

    The three working roller act as the main-drive rollers

  3. through the hydraulic motor, gears .The two bottom roller make vertical movement by hydraulic

    drive. The two bottom rollers can do arc lifting

  4. movement by fixed center of rotation. In the two sides of working roller there are support roller

    and correction of guide roller ,will be useful in

  5. quality control of Asymmetrical section bending(like steel angle).

     The support roller and correction roller has three movement: 1.vertical movement.2. Arc lifting 

     movement with the lower roller synchronously. 

  6. Rotary movement synchronously to guarantee the molding quality in the process of bending. 

    The two lower rollers’ vertical movement can  be displayed by digital, visual. There are 

     independent operational table, easy in operation. The machine body is steel welded, and through 

    annealing treatment to reduce inner stress. Side roller is equipped in the machines’ cavity, through 

    the two sides’ roller cylinder, they can make curved movement along the curved manger by

     middle axis. Support roller is equipped the left-right rotary hand, and can do curved movement with 

     the side roller. At the same time can do fixed angle rotary and vertical movement through support 

     roller rotary cylinder and support roller cylinder. The vertical movement of the side roller has the digital 

     display, easy in operation. The whole machine has enough strength and stiffness and can fulfill the 

     needs of bending in all kinds of range. It is possible to bend angle steel, flat steel, square steel, 

      U steel, style steel ,round bar, steel tube.The machine has advantaged structure, reliable in working, 

      small in volume, and combined structure, it is the advanced forming machine and widely used.

7.machine driven system

The machine’s three rollers are all main-driven rollers and driven by hydraulic motor, through three class 

gear and transfer to two side rollers, through two class gear transfer and first class chain to the upper roller.

8.the function of the machine

The machine is three roller all driven, and can arrange the pre-bending of the steel, through correction 

supporting roller, can correct the contort in the process.

9.the machine working range

The basic parameter in the parameter list is the max. reasonable working capability with good economic 

achievement ,the other type like round bar, square bar, steel tube, if the section modulus is less

 than 16CM3 ,can be bended through related molds.

10.the working process

Can arrange the pre-bending in the machine, the roller process as the picture.

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